Monday, June 26, 2017

What an adventure was today! - Mon 6/5, 4:29 PM

A view of the Valley that we are in.
Dear friends and family, 
Today was an awesome P-Day! We got to go to a little town in our district called Villa de la Paz and it was beautiful. Like really beautiful. We could see basically all of the county that we are in from up there. 

We bought our food, washed our clothes and headed out to find a ciber so I could write you guys. I wrote my letter to the mission president, and went to write all of you and ... the internet went down. Elder Cornejo walked for like an our to every single ciber in our neighboorhood and everyone had the same problem. No internet. We were about to go back to the house and instead just kept walking, and we found one ciber that no one had told us about. And hear we are. 

Now, that might be kind of silly, but that was an awesome answer to a prayer. I know that God hears our prayers, even the smaller ones, and he will answer them. 

Love you guys,
Elder DuBose
Some modern art
  An old arena (where they made chickens fight to the death).
 Where they kept the chickens.
 More pictures! 
(including some surealist art and 
a super torta)

 I hope the pictures turned out good. I'm not the best at taking them. 

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