Monday, September 4, 2017

It got really hot this week... - Mon July 24, 2017 4:22 PM

 Monopoly was on sell for 200 pesos this week at Walmart. Awesome, right?

Dear friends and family,
After all of the rain the past two weeks, I thought we would keep getting a break from the heat, but... it got really hot this week. 
The good news is, we have been finding a ton of awesome people. One of our new investigators is super amazing. We gave her a pamphlet of the Restauration, and we went back and she said, "I read it. Like twice. It's interesting. I want to learn a lot more!" We gave her a Book of Mormon, and when we went back to ask her how it was, she looked at us and said, "I couldn't really understand it. I had to read it twice, but this is what I understood." (I won't put what happens in the Book of Mormon, I would want to spoil anything for you guys when you want to read it) and proceeded to tell us happened in the first twelve chapters of first nephi.
It made me kind of think for  a little bit. I mean, I think we can understand the Book of Mormon without really understanding what we need to. Sometimes, we need to go back and read something again in order to understand what is happening better. Or even just to get a little bit of help out when we need. Reading the Book of Mormon is a life long challenge, and it is awesome! It really is the keystone of our religion, and, when studied with all the words of the sacred prophets in the Bible or those of the Latter-Days, it will bring you closer to God. I know that is true. 
I love you guys, and hope you have a week as wonderful as you are!
Elder DuBose

We had an activity as a branch to get the young kids to invite their friends to the church. It was a futbol tournament and it was followed by a basketball and volleyball tournament. 
The jersies we bought for the tournament

more Monopoly.

And the rain rain rain came down down down... - Mon July 17, 2017 5:05 PM

Dear friends and family,
This week it rained and rained and rained. I never knew that it could rain so much in one week. The best part was that we couldn't find anyone to teach for a few hours in one of those days. 
But, I would definatly do all of that again. We had one investigator come to church this week. And what happened next made all of that worth the wet shoes and the wetter Elder DuBose. Elder Cornejo was talking to her after all the meetings, and she told us that she would like to get baptised. We had only taught her one lesson. 
Miracles are real, but they often come after you have done all that you can and think that you are at the point of giving up.
I love you guys. Keep on keeping on.
Elder DuBose

  Elder Cornejo in rain gear

  I think it's me eating a tuna.(that fruit you get from cactus. It was so good.)

 Celebrating an elder's year mark

 Our district

Elder Cornejo's drawing of me.

Yeah, I'm not going to do that - Mon July 10, 2017 4:25 PM

 Just a selfie of me and my comp.

Dear friends, family, and anyone else on this list,

We went to go pick up one of our golden investigators this week. Umm... that was kind of a let down. She lives behind the Walmart that we have here in Matehuala and a pack of semi wild dogs kind of gaurd her door. To make a long story less interesting, we almost got attacked by a pack of semi wild dogs this sunday! And... she wasn't home. Her brother has been struggling with a few things, and she had to go to the hospital with him this Sunday. 

It's kind of a bummer that when good things start to happen that all kinds of bad things start to happen too. Really, it makes me kind of sad to think about that, but then I think of the plan of Salvation. This life is a series of tests to prepare us more fully for the eternities. It won't be easy, but it definatly won't get easier if you stop doing the simple things. Just like in math, you need to know and do the basics in order to answer the haredest questions. And, in life, the basics are prayer, scripture study, going to church, and keeping the commandments. The more we do that, the easier the test will be come. I've seen that a lot in my life and I can testify of that. 

Love you guys, and have the best week ever!

Elder DuBose
p.s. my collection of cool things I've got, 
Elder Cornejo drawing my plan of salvation
The same moon
 that you all see every night.
 Another selfie of Elder Cornejo and me.

Matehuala, Round 2 - Mon July 3, 2017 2:29 PM

Dear Friends and Family,

We had transfers this week, and I'm sure that you can tell by the title that Elder Cornejo and I are going to be in Matehuala together for the next six weeks. It should be awesome! 

This week was pretty good. We didn't have a lot of chances to teach a lot of lessons. (For some reason, everyone has been going on vacations. What's that all about?) But we got to meet a lot of cool people, and we had some really amazing lessons throughout the week. 

We even had a family in the chapel again. That was exciting! 

God lives. He loves us. He is our Father in Heaven, and He wants nothing more than for us to return to His presence. For that, He proportioned a plan. That plan is found restored here, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He restored that plan, His Gospel, and His Chruch through a young boy named Joseph Smith. That began the final dispensation of the Gospel. We have a living profet today. Through revalation, Christ guides this church just as He did in days of Old. I know that is true.

Love you guys!
Elder DuBose
p.s. Can't figure out how to send pictures on this computer. Hopefully next week!

Two hours to San Luis and back again! - Mon June 26, 2017 4:00 PM

A beautiful Matehualan sunset
Dear friends and family,

We had a week of miracles this week. We had a zone conference in San Luis, and that is a huge deal for us. We are about two hours away from San Luis, and it becomes a two or three day kind of thing for us. 

But despite basically loosing three days, we managed to commit somone to baptism and we had three investigators in the Sacrament Meeting! And those three investigators, wow. We hadn't been able to meet with them in like the past two weeks. I honestly was so worried that they were going to be done, but then, we were waiting for the sacrament meeting to start, and they walked in! I was so happy!

God really does answer prayers. He'll never take away somone's right to chose, but He'll do all He can. I know he is there, and that He loves everyone of us. He really is our Father. 

Love you guys!

Elder DuBose

A big old Spider

Monday, June 26, 2017

We went to a small town this week. - Mon 6/19, 4:10 PM

My new pancho

Dear friends and family,

We went to a small town called Real de Catorce for P-day today. It was really cool. I got some cool stuff, and we had some cool lessons this week. 

I was reading in 1 John for my personal study this week, and I learned a lot about the atonement. It was a really good book. And I just feel so grateful for the atonement in my life. I know it is a real thing. Not just something that we talk about in the church to sound impresive. It is a critical part in God's plan for us. I know and testify of that.

Love you guys a ton!

Elder DuBose
The three whitest mexicans I have seen 
  My gringos,

A cockfighting ring  
A bull fighting ring.
Four of the elders in the branch.

 Some selfies. 

 A really big hole in the ground. It was at least 10 seconds deep. 

 Love y'all

Ummmm... So not a whole late happened this week. Except... - Mon 6/12, 4:15 PM

Dear friends and family,
So, not a whole lot happened this week. Except we just ended the long drought of baptisms here in Matehuala, San Luis Potosi! And we didn't even have to do a whole lot, we basically just found the kid. His parents are recent converts, and he had been going to church with them and had had all of the lessons with the missionaries. We just re passed everything, and he was so excited. 

The gospel is true. It changes lives, and it will change your life if you will let it. I have seen that a few times out here, mostly in my own life, but also in the lives of the people that I have been teaching. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ restored again in the earth! And it is the most wonderful news that you can hear. The heavens are opened, and revelation is guiding the church of Jesus Christ here in the Earth. I bear testimony of that. 

I love you guys, and thanks for all the prayers.

See y'all next week!

Elder DuBose
Elder Holdaway
  (if you move the two pictures back and forth really fast, it looks like he is opening and closing his eyes. Haha),
A cool car sticker that we found 
(If you like the Avengers)

 Miguel de Leon right before the Branch President baptized him.
More pictures at his Baptism.

What an adventure was today! - Mon 6/5, 4:29 PM

A view of the Valley that we are in.
Dear friends and family, 
Today was an awesome P-Day! We got to go to a little town in our district called Villa de la Paz and it was beautiful. Like really beautiful. We could see basically all of the county that we are in from up there. 

We bought our food, washed our clothes and headed out to find a ciber so I could write you guys. I wrote my letter to the mission president, and went to write all of you and ... the internet went down. Elder Cornejo walked for like an our to every single ciber in our neighboorhood and everyone had the same problem. No internet. We were about to go back to the house and instead just kept walking, and we found one ciber that no one had told us about. And hear we are. 

Now, that might be kind of silly, but that was an awesome answer to a prayer. I know that God hears our prayers, even the smaller ones, and he will answer them. 

Love you guys,
Elder DuBose
Some modern art
  An old arena (where they made chickens fight to the death).
 Where they kept the chickens.
 More pictures! 
(including some surealist art and 
a super torta)

 I hope the pictures turned out good. I'm not the best at taking them. 

This is going to be fun! - Mon 5/29, 4:18 PM

Dear friends and family,
It's hard to believe that another week has gone by, but I'm writing all of you right now, and I guess that means that it is monday again. Haha

Everything is going well here in Matuehuala. We've just been looking for people to teach. And we have found a few. One is an old investigator of the elders before they closed the area. His wife is a less active, but wants to come back to church, and he has been investigating the church. We meet with him on Sunday, and gave a lesson about gifts that you can recieve from the Spirit. And then we tied it in to how that God wants to give him a big gift. The gift of the Holy Ghost. We extended the baptisimal invataion and he accepted. He's going to keep on studying it out to make sure, but he told us that he believes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the church of Jesus Christ restored again in the earth. He also believes that the Book of Mormon is true.

And, just like our investigator, I know that it is true. I know that God, because He loves us, has once again restored the Church of His Son, and all things pertaining unto to it, to the earth again. This restored Church, Gospel, Priesthood authority, and all the ordaninces we need to return to the presence of God are found here, in the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know that this is true, and I testify of it, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Love you guys a ton!
Elder DuBose
p.s. i hope the pictures make sense. I couldn't quite see what they were, soo... Good Luck!

Adios, Oriente, Hola Matehuala- Mon 5/22, 3:58 PM

My last selfie with Elder Boyer as we left the house.

 Dear Friends and family,
This was a little bit of a bitter sweet week for me. So, ummm..., we found a golden investigator back in Oriente. We taught him one lesson on Saturday, he accepted the baptismal invitation, and Elder Boyer and I were doing awesome. Then the zone leaders called later that night, and said, "We have your transfers." and I got moved to Matehuala (you might have to spell check me on that) to reopen an area with an Elder Cornejo. It's going to be awesome! 
We got here this morning at about 10, and got all our stuff moved into our house, and then we just kind of walked around. There are two branches of the church here right now, but Elder Cornejo and I have plans to change that. It's a lot smaller of a town than San Luis was, but I feel like I'm going to like it a ton. We've meet a few of the members and they are extremely helpful.
I just love being out here.
Elder DuBose
p.s. My last selfie with the elders of Oriente (theyre all still there, if you want to go visit them)  

My first selfie with Elder Cornejo. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Dear Oskar, Thank You for the Reference - Monday 5/15/2017 4:48 PM

Look for the american quarter.

Dear Friends, Family, and anyone else that is on this list,

We had an awesome experience this week with a reference from the Church headquarters. We were sitting there, in our house, about ready to leave for a long day of trying to talk to random people in the street when suddenly our phone started going off like crazy. (I was going off for like three minutes straight with text messages. I thought it might explode because it is just a simple little thing without a lot of memory). We couldn't even open it up because when we would try, we would get another message. When it finally stopped, we had not only one, but two references from an elder in Mexico City named Oskar, who referred us to his aunt and his uncle the lived in our area. We went to go contact them, and ... the aunt wasn't interested. So we went allllll the way next door to the uncle's house and his son answered. We told him that we were here to share a message with him, and asked if we could give one right then. He accepted, but told us that he doesn't really believe in God all that much, and that a lot of people had tried to convince him otherwise, but no had succeeded. We taught about prayer and I shared my testimony of prayer with him. He said he would ask tonight if God existed and we set up an appointment to meet him the next day. 

When we showed up at his house the next day, he looked pretty happy. We talked to him a little bit, and then began the lesson. We asked him about the night before and he said that he felt "a peace that (he) couldn't really describe." He still says he doesn't know for sure if God's there, but he is definitely sure he felt something that he had never felt anytime before that he had prayed. I know that what he felt was the Holy Ghost and that if he keeps asking, that feeling will get stronger. 

And I know that feeling. That feeling of peace that you can't really describe. I know it was God talking to me, and I know that "if any of you lack wisdom" and you decide to "ask of God" (see James 1:5) He will answer you questions through the Holy Ghost and through other people that are in you live as well. All you have to do is look and listen for it. 

I love you guys a ton. 

Elder DuBose
A spider that was chilling in our house

Elder Cortez tried to write the word Andy on my left shoe when we were in a meeting.